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The SF Bay Bridge Before the Road - Lost in the Mists of Brigadoon

I had a conversation with a parent today in the Mission District by email. I asked him, after a good post he made, whether he was a writer. He replied “Nope, but thanks,” and that was it. When I went to his domain name revealed in his personal email address, it said….”This is my personal Web site. Go away.” Typical of San Francisco.

I think this is common trend here in SF – more than anywhere else in the country that I have lived in and traveled, too. And yet, is it not the SF-Silicon Valley community that invented the meme “transparency?” Most everywhere else, people are fairly upfront and open about who they are and their backgrounds (maybe not in Wyoming or Minnesota). I can only guess it’s because people out here want to reinvent themselves entirely and reject their pasts as unimportant. I’m not that way, myself, but there are a lot of people out here, specifically, who are like this. I find it curious. It’s as if people out here want to be who they are in the present, or is it the future? They want to be of a time where nothing can be defined – only reinvented – as if the present and the future exist wholly in the imagination and names are an unnecessary evil. Maybe we’re living in Brigadoon.