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I just wrote this letter too Jordan Hoffman of and then he wrote me back. Here’s my post below and then what he said at the end:

Toys looking down to the garbarge container

“I went to see /Toy Story 3/ last night with my husband, a friend, and my 3 year old daughter (her first movie in a theater) and couldn’t believe my eyes. After I left the theater, I said to them that there were so many similarities to the Holocaust and Auschwitz – I was shocked. I thought this was a pretty insensitive plotline – didn’t see any value to using metaphors from the Holocaust. For example, here we have toys experiencing the horror of real humans – their real tragedy. Other than the “donate” message, which seemed on one level positive and on another level negative (the toys always wanted to get back to Andy and the donation only created a huge problem for these toys), it seems like this storyline of this movie is highly problematic.  (Being cast aside. Being stuffed into a box and also a dark garbage container like a cattle car and shipped off to an unknown location. Arriving at a work camp. Getting abused and torn apart by all sorts of little Dr. Mengeles. Having that work camp become a prison run by fascists. Eventually they find they are on their way to a fiery furnace where, with resignation, they await their fate because they are trapped. They, unlike the Holocaust, the deus ex machina comes in as a huge claw run by 3 green aliens and saves them. Or, could that be viewed as the claw of the Russians as they arrived to liberate Auschwitz? I don’t know.) My husband and friend were incredulous at first. But, after I pointed out the plot points you pointed out (before I knew you had written an article on it) and one other point you haven’t mentioned which was how they all had

Donald Duck as a Nazi reading "Mein Kampf?"

Andy’s name written on them like the numbers on the arms of survivors, my husband started to see the parallels. He did point out that the bear, Latso, was also very much like the Warden in /Cool Hand Luke/, which I agreed to, however. Overall, I’m pretty angry that they would be so insensitive and embed this in a children’s story. I keep trying to determine if there is a strong message here that makes the similarities important. Can’t see it.”  Jordan wrote me back saying “Wow”  he hadn’t realized the “tattoo/numbers on the arm” angle.  There is much more, but I’ll stop here.  I think someone needs to mention this to Pixar. I also want to point out that Walt Disney Studios owns Pixar and Walt Disney was the only studio executive in the late 1930’s who welcomed Nazi famed documentary filmmaker, Leni Riefenstahl, into his office in L.A. All the other studio heads refused to see her (note: she was

looking for distribution of her work at the time). After he was criticized for it publicly, he said he didn’t realize really who she was.

Walt Disney and Wernher von Braun

…..Yeah….Like….are you serious? Don’t you think he would have had assistants that vetted people properly before they walked into his door? He knew exactly who she was. Remember, he also welcomed and hired ex-Nazi rocket scientist Wernher von Braun to develop projects like “Man on the Moon” for him…..Hmmmm.

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